Coronavirus News & Stats API


Our free COVID-19 Stats and New API lets you send a web-based query to Smartable AI and get back details about global and regional coronavirus data, including latest numbers, historic values, and geo-breakdowns. It is the same API that powers our popular COVID-19 stats pages. Developers can take the returned information and display it in their own tools, apps and visualizations. Different from other coronavirus data sources that produce breaking changes from time to time, our API strives to be stable, detailed and close to real-time, by leveraging AI to gather information from many credible sources. With a few clicks in our API try-it experience, developers can get it running quickly and unleash their creativity.

Our Mission

“We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic” – WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

In Smartable AI, our mission is to use AI to help you be smart in this infodemic world. Information is exploded, and mis-information has impacted the decisions of governments, businesses, and citizens around the world, as well as individuals’ lives. In 2018, The World Economic Forum identified it as one of the top 10 global risks. In a recent study, the economic impact has been estimated to be upwards of 80-100 Billion Dollars. Everything we do is focused on fighting misinformation, curating quality content, putting information in order and leveraging technology to bring clean, organized information through our APIs. Everyone wins when they can make sense of the world around them.

Our Free API

The coronavirus stats and news API offers the latest and historic COVID-19 stats and news information per country or state. The stats are refreshed every hour using credible data sources, including the country/state’s official government websites, data available on wikipedia pages, latest news reports, Johns Hopkins University CSSE 2019-nCoV Dashboard, WHO Situation Reports, CDC Situation Updates, and

The API takes the location ISO code as input (e.g. US, US-MA), and returns the latest numbers (confirmed, deaths, recovered), the delta from yesterday, the full history in that location, and geo-breakdown when applicable. We offer detailed API documentation, a try-it experience, and code examples in many different programming languages.

We want it to be a collaborative effort. If you have any additional requirements for the API or observe anything wrong with the data, we welcome you to report issues. The team will jump in right away.

Apps powered by the API

About Smartable AI

Smartable AI is a bold and ambitious team of ex-Microsofts that is setting out to change the way that information is consumed and managed. We are makers of APIs that use machine learning and open source software and embrace a culture of collaboration, fast learning and shipping often. We speak developer’s language while also welcoming other voices from other disciplines to work with us.